A bone grafting is a procedure designed to replace missing bone in your jaw. Many patients with low bone density in their jaws may benefit from this type of treatment, especially those who are looking to receive dental implants. A grafting can help strengthen the health of your mouth and restore bone loss by encouraging your bone tissue to regenerate on its own, eventually forming a stronger foundation for your smile.

Bone grafts can be used as treatment for several different occasions. If your jawbone begins to deteriorate after a recent tooth extraction, or if your jawbone is not dense enough for a dental implant, a bone grafting may be the procedure suited to your needs. During your procedure, we will transplant a portion of bone from another area of your jaw into your jawbone. In certain situations, we can use artificial bone or bone from another area of your body. Your new bone transplant will then grow together with your natural bone to strengthen your jawbone and promote new bone development.

To determine if a bone grafting is right for you, our dentists can examine your mouth and provide you with a recommended plan of treatment. If you would like more information about the procedure, contact our team today or schedule a visit!